Video Production

I wrote and produced an explainer video for a coworking space in D.C. The video is part of a website redesign and is also used as a marketing tool for the space.

  • Role Writer/Producer
  • For Flex Office Space
  • Date March 2016
  • Type Explainer Video
  • URL

I wrote and produced this explainer video for a coworking space. The brand had very little awareness and needed something to draw in new clients. I chose video as a format because it allows the viewer to take a tour through the space and learn what it's like to cowork at Flex Office Space.

After speaking with several production companies, I chose Othello Banaci ( He was excellent and truly understood my vision.

I also hired a local actor and instructed him to play with the role and make it a bit fun and quirky. He was great at injecting humor into the video.

We didn't have a huge budget, and therefore couldn't pay extras. I asked employees and existing Flex Office Space customers to be in the video. You'll see me make a cameo as well.